You are not alone

We are contributing to the development of adequate regulations and procedures to protect the interests of traders and brokers globally.

The main objective of the Commission is the assistance in minimizing the risks of participants in international financial markets, assistance in improving the legislative and regulatory framework of international financial markets, and informing interested bidders about developments in the industry.

The wide range of core business of EPSFACE includes both the resolution of issues and disputes between participants of international financial markets and ensuring the fulfilment of the obligations of participants of international financial markets.

Typically most financial markets and brokers are regulated locally per the relevant jurisdiction, yet it exists globally, EPSFACE is therefore provides mediation mechanisms and investigation services for GLOBAL activities.

What are the main EPSFACE goals?

The EPSFACE have some functions to carry out: 
• To act on neutral basis 
• To examine your complaints fairly 
• To provide quicker and easier process of complaint consideration.


In what case should I complain to EPSFACE?

• Only if you have a complaint and need a compensation for consulting service. If you have some questions and problems to be solved write us. 
• EPSFACE regulate the process of financial consultation. 
• You may complain in case the company upsets your expectations attached to consultation.


Is there any fee for complaint?

We provide free process of disputes resolving.

What kind of complaints are impossible to consider?

• We delay the complaint if it’s under trail process or is being examined by court.
• If the complaint has an unserious character. 
• If the reasonable events of complaint took place before you became a member. 
• We delay the complaint connected with member’s commerce decisions such as interest rate.


Are there any terms for making a complaint?

Yes! You can complain only about actions and events that took place after the provider of financial service became a EPSFACE’s member. Also, you have to complain during three months after an incident occurred.

Are there any guaranties of confidence?

Yes! All the information you’ve given to us will be used only in the process of solving your problems.