The Arbitration Commission

The EPSFACE Arbitration Commission is anindependent body that adjudges disputes between Customers and Companies providing services in the foreign exchange market.The main mission of the Arbitration Commission is a comprehensive and independent consideration of disputes between the client and the company to make a fair decision.These Regulations define the principles and procedure for resolving disputes of a financial nature between.

Traders and Companies.

In its work, the Commission is guided by the following principles:

• High-Speed Claims Review and Answer.
• Availability of information regarding any step of the progress of the Claim for the applicant.
• Objectivity and transparency of consideration of claims, the main motivation of the decision of the Arbitration Commission.
• Independence of the members of the Arbitration Commission in the EU judgment area.

Composition and Structure of the Arbitration Committee

The Arbitration Committee consists of the members of the Committee and the Chairman of the Committee.The Arbitration Committee is consist of traders, independent experts and representatives of companies operating in the financial sector of the European Union (except for representatives of brokerage companies), each of which shall be sued by the client who has the right to delegate one representative to protect the interests of the defendant company and to provide the facts and arguments required to reach an agreed compromise between the parties.

Claims requirements and filing procedure A claim must be based solely on the contractual legal relationship between the Client and the Company related to activities in the foreign exchange market.The claim should be financial in nature, i.e. associated with trading operations in foreign exchange market and other financial instruments or settlements between the Client and the Company under the relevant agreement and contain a property claim expressed in money.Claims are referring to all participants of the foreign exchange market.

The Commission does not consider the following Claims

• Claims that do not meet the requirements of these Regulations in terms of form and content.
• Complaints concerning the currently open positions and trades of the Client, as well as pending orders and trades that have not been opened.
• Claims on issues that have already been considered or are under consideration by state bodies (investigative bodies, prosecutor's office, etc.) or the of this
   Commission; Claims containing claims for non-pecuniary damage.
• Claims related to trading operations committed as a result of unauthorized access to the Client’s trading account.
• Claims related to trust management issues, as well as any other controversial cases that arose between an investor and a trader.
• Claims related to operations on a demo account.
• Claims related to bonus programs, contests.
• Claims related to the accrual of referral (rebates) and mutual settlements between the company and its partners.
• Claims filed by members of the Arbitration Commission.